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• Movie - Horizontal directional drilling

• Horizontal directional drilling

The ideal solution for all eventualities

Braumann has developed horizontal directional drilling to perfection!


Directional drilling devices are not only put into action in special cases. They are applied throughout the entire range of pipeline construction.  


The Braumann  horziontal directional drilling equipment permits horizontal drilling up to 600 millimeters in diameter and a maximum drilling distance of 300 meters without intermediate shafts.  


Braumann also uses special directional drilling equipment for rock bores. It features a double rod especially designed for this purpose. The choice of the just right drilling head is of major importance when it comes to rock bores.  


With this directed, trenchless method Braumann sets new standards in pipeline construction. And on top of it Braumann ensures considerable economic advantages in comparison to the cut-and-cover method.  

• Advantages of directional drilling:

  • Time saving due to the high daily drilling capacity
  • Cost efficient because of low breaking- and rehabilitaion costs
  • Construction costs almost entirely independent from location
  • No subsidence, thus no structural or subsequent damage
  • Environment friendly due to low noise- and dust-emission
  • High degree of independance from weather conditions
  • Hardly any or little interference with standing or running traffic
  • Minimal impact on the construction site because of the fast action
  • Damage at adjacent buildings is avoided in every working step
  • Very low consumption of resources such as sand, gravel or landfill
• The three step method at a glance


1. The pilot drilling


The directed pilot drilling starts out from a pit or at the surface. The drilling equipment  is adjusted according to the pipeline axis and proceeds towards the target pit. The materials removed by the expansion head flow into the target pit along with the rinsing liquid (bentonite suspension).


2. The expansion process


In order to reach the required diameter of the drilling hole for the medium pipe, the pilot drilling is expanded during the retraction process.


3. The jacking operation


When the exact diameter - bigger than the pipeline diameter - is reached, the pipe is fixed to the expansion head and jacked all the way back through the drilling whole. The drilling fluid injected into the ring gap ensures an optimal beddings of the pipes.

• Areas of application

In many cases horizontal directional drilling proves to be the ideal solution. This is mainly due to the fact that various pipelines for many different purposes can be constructed. Horizontal directional drilling is suitable for the following pipelines:


  • Pipelines for water
  • Gas pipelines
  • Sewage pipelines (pressure pipes and risers)
  • Electricity lines
  • Communication lines