ZEB-Bern-Wylerfeld, Entflechtung Linie 450/290 km 103.0 - 104.8, km 108.8 - 109.4 Los Spezialtiefbau Staukanal/Mischwasserkanal

ARGE Wylerfeld, p/A Frutiger AG
Frutigerstrasse 37
CH-3601 Thun
Machine operator
SBB AG, Projekte Region Mitte
Bahnhofstrasse 12
CH-4600 Olten
Engineering office
IG Wyler: OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH
Hansastr. 40
D-80686 M√ľnchen

c+s ingenieure, ag
Dorfstrasse 8
CH-3415 Hasle b.B.
Building time
08/2016 - 11/2017
Communication lines
Full face technology

Project description

In the east of city Bern the railway lines from Olten/Biel and Thun joines. So it should build a new traffic system with railway lines in multiple levels. For this a tunnel was needed to move the cables under the railway lines. In a depth of 12m Braumann Tiefbau build a tunnel with diameter of 2500mm (inner) used HERRENKNECHT slurry AVN with mix-shield mode. For controlling and measurement of the settlements a complex monitoring was used and the reception shaft was fullfilled with water, when the boring machine arrives. Full-face technology with mixshield mode.