TV inspection/digital line cadastre

Braumann conducts thorough damage detection and repair

As part of an intensive and well-founded TV inspection, Braumann documents all existing damage exactly.

Then we procede methodically: On the basis of the sewer state detection and the damage analysis, Braumann develops and calculates an optimal rehabilitation concept.


The measures for the digital line cadastre includes the following services:


  • Documentation and administration of natural inventory data (location, dimensions, material and type of shafts, lines, special structures, etc.)
  • IST-condition evaluation, damage analysis
  • Full documentation required by the legislator with regard to the functionality, maintenance and repair of sewer networks
  • GIS-enabled collection of all data for transfer to a digital cadastral folder
  • Computerised collection of all data for transfer to a central database
  • Conduct and periodic updating of the digital line cadastre
  • Creation of rehabilitation concepts adapted to the most economical Refurbishment methods
  • Preparation and annual updating of the indirect discharge cadastre (discharges subject to notification and authorisation)

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