Inliner procedure

Braumann works with UV light liners of the latest design

The main advantages:

  • Short construction time
  • Minimal water retention measures
  • Verifiability of the installation position of the liner before it is cured

UV light liner

Braumann relies on the UV light liner, a hose liner technology that is based on state-of-the-art technology.

Glass fibres and polyester resin are pre-assembled under factory conditions in hose liners, which can be stored up to 6 months. The hose liner is fed into the line with a winch and then set up with compressed air.

The curing is carried out by a UV string of lights, which is pulled through the liner at a precisely defined speed.


With the felt liner, the liner is soaked with resins on the construction site and inserted into the line via inversion drums.

Afterwards, the liner is inflated with either water or air and thus pressed to the existing pipe wall until the curing time is over. The result is a form- and force-locking pipe-in-pipe system.

The UV light liner can be used for almost all nominal sizes, also for the rehabilitation of egg- and special profiles.

Punctual sewer rehabilitation

This form of rehabilitation is recommended primarily for single damages in a liner when repairs are more economical. It is done either with part liner, cuff or by robot technology.


  • Robotics
  • Inner cuffs - Quicklock sleeve rehabilitation
  • Short liner technology - Partial lining
  • Nozzle compression for blind connections

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