Open shield procedure

Our classic

Braumann has been using open shield technology successfully since 1985

The mechanical development of the open shield technology is based on the mining of soil, protected by manually controlled open shields.

Braumann has been using this method for a long time. And we are constantly developing our jacking machines. In the central Braumann workshop, we manufacture and optimize jacking machines for all tasks at hand.

We have controllable open shield machines with nominal cross-sections from DN 1200 to DN 3000. They can be equipped with drawer shacks and excavator arms for oft soil as well as milling heads for solid rock. We also build and maintain these machines in the central Braumann workshop.

In soft soil, mining by means of a migrant hock has prevailed. The adaptation of the dismantling shovel with fangs or the assembly with a dismantling hammer is possible.

Very dense loose soils, chemically solidified, conglomerate-like rocks and solid rocks can be economically processed by means of a road header. If necessary, the picks are replaced during the jacking breaks.

Advantages of open shield technology

  • Thanks to the open, visible working face soil changes can be detected quickly. The machine driver can react optimally on the spot.
  • Unexpected obstacles can be removed without a mining pit
  • High cost-effectiveness in dry loose soils
  • Possible use in light solid rock due to the use of milling heads
  • Repair and maintenance is possible due to the walkability
  • Large line lengths are possible
  • High target accuracy thanks to the use of state-of-the-art surveying and control technology

The procedure at a glance

Simplified, the open shield technique consists of the three typical work steps "solving-loading-conveying"

1 Solving

The floor is loosened with a telescopic excavator arm or by a road head on the working face, protected by a hood plate and pulled onto the fixed conveyor belt.

2 Loading

The conveyor belt transports the degraded soil to the available conveyor bucket.

3 Conveying

The filled conveyor bucket is pulled into the starting shaft via hydraulic winches and steel ropes, where it is lifted and deposited above ground using lifting equipment.


  • Water pipe construction
  • Gas pipelines
  • Sewer construction
  • District heating lines
  • Power supply lines
  • Communication lines
  • Water borders
  • Special solutions

Special solutions

  • Production of passages with rectangular precast concrete parts
  • Jackings without a starting pit. The pressing forces are vertically inserted into the substrate by an artificial concrete abutment
  • Jackings without target pit with the machine pipe remaining under ground and disassembly of the entire technical interior
  • Jacking through known obstacles
  • Partial cutting jackings including underground connection to existing structures


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