Horizontal directional drilling

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Braumann has perfected the horizontal directional drilling

Braumann uses horizontal directional drilling throughout the entire pipe network construction. They allow controlled, trenchless boreholes up to 600 mm in diameter with maximum drilling lengths of 300 m without intermediate shafts.

Horizontal directional drilling is ready for use in all soil conditions up to rock bottoms. The choice of the drill head is decisive for the work in rock. It is adapted to the properties of the solid rock and the drilling diameter.

Doing so, Braumann is setting new standards in pipeline construction. This process offers our customers many tangible economic advantages – beyond conventional, open construction.

Advantages of horizontal directional drilling

  • Time savings due to high daily drilling performance
  • Cost-efficiency due to low break-up and recovery costs
  • Construction costs almost independent of installation depth
  • No settlements and therefore no consequential damage
  • Environmentally friendly due to low noise and dust pollution
  • Extensive weather independence
  • Minimal impairment of resting and flowing traffic
  • Minimal load on the construction site environment due to the short construction time
  • Avoidance of damage to adjacent structures
  • Low resource consumption (sand, gravel, landfill)

The procedure at a glance

1 The pilot hole

The pilot-controlled drilling penetrates into the target pit from the starting pit or surface with a drilling rig according to the planned pipe axis.

2 The widening

In order to achieve the desired borehole diameter for the feed of the medium pipe, we expand the pilot bore in the withdrawal process. The rotating widening head is

The retraction process

Once the desired diameter (larger than the pipe diameter) has been reached, we attach the pipe to the widening head and insert it into the finished borehole. The drilling fluid in the ring gap ensures optimal pipe bedding.


In many cases, horizontal directional drilling proves to be an optimal solution, as it enables precise performance for a wide range of tasks:

  • Water pipe construction
  • Gas pipelines
  • Canal construction
  • District heating lines
  • Power supply lines
  • Communication lines
  • Water borders
  • Special solutions


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