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Braumann pushes full-face technology to the extreme

The historical development of pipe jacking called for controlled processes for both large and smaller diameters. Precisely in response to this growing demand, Braumann established itself in the so-called full-face technology.

Today, the full-face technology is available for both non-walk-in and walk-in nominal cross-sections. It is the ideal solution for environmentally friendly jackings in groundwater without expensive additional measures.

Braumann has been taking advantage of full-face technology for many years. Thanks to our ever-growing know-how, we can permanently expand the limits of this technology with the help of our technical team as well as the specialized Braumann workshop.

Based on geological preliminary information, we adjust the cutting wheel and the tool placement to the respective construction project. During the jacking, the construction management and technical support monitor all jacking parameters and continuously compare them with the specific project requirements.

Advantages of full-face technology

  • Perfect solution in groundwater without water retention and without compressed air support
  • Economical jacking in both loose rock and solid rock
  • Usable for non-walk-in nominal sizes from DN 500 and walk-in nominal sizes up to DN 3000
  • Depending on the machine capacities, holding lengths of 1000 m and even more can be realized
  • Vertical and horizontal curves as well as spatial curves are possible
  • High target accuracy thanks to the use of state-of-the-art surveying and control technology

The procedure at a glance

1 The entry

The control and the monitoring of all activities is carried out from a central control container arranged at the start shaft.

The jacking machine and all jacking pipes are lifted onto a shield cradle with a hoist, arranged in the starting shaft and pressed horizontally.

2 The propulsion

Due to the rotational movement of the drill head and the contact pressure of the press cylinders, the soil is dismantled at the working face. In the crushing chamber, the soil is crushed and the conveying medium is enriched with the degraded material.

Via conveyor lines the degraded material reaches the separating plant, where the solids are filtered out. The conveying medium is fed back to the crusher room via the feed line.

3 The control

Control and measurement of the jacking are performed from the service stand. They are based the evaluation data and their display on the measuring system used.

All jacking parameters are evaluated digitally and continuously, both on site and remotely.

4 The goal

When the jacking machine has entered the target shaft, all machine parts are recovered via the target shaft and the pipe string can be pushed into position.

After completion of the jacking, the technically necessary overlap is pressed by means of insulation suspensions. In the case of very long sections, the cylinders of all intermediate press stations are removed. After closing the lubrication openings, removing all supply- and disposal lines, the final cleaning and final measurement, the section can be handed over to the customer.


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