Expertise and engagement

In 1959 Mr and Mrs Franz and Theresia Braumann found the Braumann company as a single enterprise. During the first years in business the Braumanns make a name for themselves in well drilling, heating- and installation. Sound know-how and high engagement soon make the qualified well builder and heating installer Franz Braumann known in the entire region. Personal commitment and decisive investments promote the young enterprise very quickly. In the 70s Braumann is already an Austria-far known and renowned well building contractor.

Determination and foresight

Thanks to the success in well construction Braumann also masters the breakthrough to pipeline construction. The foundation to a bigger enterprise in water supply is laid. By the end of the 70s Braumann builds whole sewer systems and enters the field of horizontal directional drilling. In the middle of the 80s Braumann puts the first open shield tunneling machine into action. In 1992 the first micro tunneling machine makes way for a whole new era: trenchless pipeline construction.

Specialisation and innovation

At Braumann the huge potential of trenchless jacking is realized and developed early on. Starting in 2000 already, the company expands its position as the specialist in trenchless pipeline construction.

With the first horizontal directional drilling machine, acquired in 2001, Braumann applies the trenchless technique for the production of drinking water and sewer pipes in the business segment "pipeline construction". At the same time Braumann continuously invests in innovative application- and machine-technology in the business segment "pipe jacking". This enlarges the range of services; drives with even bigger diameters and lengths can be offered.

The mechanical workshop of the headquarters in Antiesenhofen, Upper Austria, makes an essential contribution to Braumanns competitive edge. The workshop constructs and adapts the highly specialized tools and machines. Here the whole gear is also serviced, repaired and processed before and after use. The in-house stainless steel locksmith's shop customises installation technology for high-level tanks and water supply systems.

Internationality and expansion

The high degree in specialisation, the growing demand and the wide market expansion also require and promote the engagement of Braumann beyond Austria.

Already in 1991 Braumann expands – by now very successful in the Austrian civil engineering market – into the adjoining Germany. The Braumann Tiefbau GmbH – Spezialtiefbauarbeiten – is founded in Dresden.

In 2007 the first building activities start in Switzerland. Because pipe jacking by Braumann is increasingly asked for, an AG is founded. The Braumann Tiefbau AG in Neuhausen on the Rhine Falls takes on the Swiss market.

In 2008 the activities in Germany are developed further. The Braumann Tiefbau Spezialtiefbau GmbH in Bottrop covers the northwestern states of the federal republic. In the same year the Braumann Tiefbau GmbH opens a subsidiary in Vienna. In the headquarters in Antiesenhofen the business segment "pipeline construction" is extended by the departments inspection and rehablitation.

Also the new administrative building in Antiesenhofen, finished in 2009, shows at first sight that Braumann sets sails for further expansion.

In august 2017 the first Swiss Braumann site is established in Schaffhausen. Meanwhile Braumann serves civil engineering construction sites all over Central Europe. The radius of action reaches from Copenhagen along Luxembourg to Zagreb – and continuous to grows.

Identity and continuity

The company Braumann, for two generations in the hands of the founding family, has grown steadily and remarkably. At the same time it has remained "familiar" in its best sense. Flat hierarchies, personal contact and quick decisions are still typical of Braumann. Customers and employees will appreciate this for a long time to come.


Three generations of Braumann:

Maximilian, Oliver, Theresia, Martina and Franz Braumann


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