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The specialist in trenchless pipeline construction

Braumann solves all duties in the pipeline construction with wide experience, unique know-how and with the techniques most efficient for the given task.

Deep Mining without high Costs

Due to economic, traffic-related, architectural and environmental considerations there is a rising demand for trenchless pipeline construction. In many cases this technique is even the only possible solution. Since it only interferes minimally with the existing infrastructures, trenchless pipeline construction saves costs and valuable time. Moreover, it reduces subsequent expenditures substantially.

Braumann is leading in trenchless pipeline construction and uses controlled pipe-jacking procedures with state-of-the-art technology, only. This ensures fast and highly accurate layings in straight as well as curved routes and gradients.

A performance range for every case of the cases:


  • Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)
  • Full face technology (jacking with closed shield/Microtunneling)
  • Open shield technology (jacking with open shield)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Cut-and-cover method


Tailored to your individual project we select the ideal combination of techniques from our wide spectrum.

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