Choose Braumann

Braumann is a strong community because we foster an open and fair conduct. This is dear by everyone in our company and our customers also appreciate it very much.


  • We cultivate professional respect and human esteem.
  • We help each other and can rely on each other.
  • We share individual experiences, interests and competences.
  • We work together to find the best possible solutions for our tasks.
  • We give each other space, listen and learn from each other.
  • We are constantly training ourselves individually and also as a team.
  • We put great emphasis on health and a safe working environment.


In short: "We give everyone strong wings to fly away, deep roots to come back and good reasons to stay."

Many benefits at once

Being a member of the Braumann team has many upsides. These include, for example, diversified tasks, new experiences and advanced knowledge. And even more: Those who work for us enjoy a whole range of valuable advantages – almost incidentally.