Your advantages at a glance

Lunch Canteen

Healthy nutrition is close to our hearts. At the Antiesenhofen site, fresh cooking is daily – and lunch is eaten together.


All departments have their own tea kitchens. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are available free of charge.


Highlights of the year: the legendary Braumann Summer and Christmas Parties; company trip to a ski resort.

Health promotion

Braumann health care includes free vaccinations, non-smoking courses, detoxification treatments and a lot more.

Mental health

Regular work psychology lectures are held. Individual work psychological coaching and work management coaching are offered, if necessary.


Weekly team races and various competitions in team jerseys keep the Braumann Runners in shape.

Company car

Depending on the function, a company car is available - also for private use. Electric cars are on the rise!

Company mobile phone

Connection and networking: depending on the function, a company mobile phone is provided.

Employee Notebook

A notebook is provided for use outside the company, depending on the function.