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Horizontal directional drilling Full face technology Open shield technology Rehabilitation Combined construction Cut-and-cover method
• Rehabilitation

Optimal solutions by Braumann

Sewer rehabilitation will remain a major issue in residential water management for many years.

Wether a trenchless underground rehabilitation is necessary or an open construction rehabilitation is called for,  Braumann is the ideal partner in any case.


Braumann contractors get the full range of sewer rehabilitation at a single source.


Sewer rehabilitation will be one of the most important issues in urban water management for many years to come. Thanks to the comprehensive rehabilitation equipment and the well trained staff Braumann is already prepared.


Timely sewer rehabilitation saves costs and protects the environment on the long run. Braumann accompanies contractors from the status reports on to the final rehabilitation itself. Plus: Braumann handles the full spectrum of sewer maintenance as well.

• Thorough damage detection via TV-inspection

Braumann employs TV-inspections to document the damage at hand in order to choose the optimal rehabilitation method

  • Sewer status report
  • Damage analysis
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Cost estimation
• Methods of Rehablitation

• UV-Light liner

Braumann favours UV-Light liners – a state-of-the-art pipe line technology.

Braumann relies on UV-Light liners, an advanced pipe liner based on state of the art technology. Under factory conditions (consistent wall thickness) glass fibre  and polyester resin are pre-assembled in pipe liners that are storable for up to six months.


The pipe liner is pulled into the segment to be rehabilitated by winch. Then it is positioned with compressed air. The hardening is ensured by  a UV-Light chain pulled through the liner at a defined constant speed. The UV-Light liner can be applied to nearly every nominal width, even to egg-shaped and special profiles.


The essential advantages: a short construction time and minimal water control provisions. Plus: the possibility to control and reposition the liner before the hardening is initiated.

Steuerung InlineranlageInlinervorbereitungVorbereitungeingebauter Inliner vor AushärtungAushärtephase
• Felt liner

In this case the liner is soaked with resins at the construction site and inserted into the rehabilitated pipe by an inversion drum.

Then the liner is inflated either with water air and pressed onto the pipeline wall till the hardening is completed. A form- and force-locking pipe-in-pipe system is built.

FilzlineranlageAushärtephaseAushärtephase im ZwischenschachtInversionstrommel zur Aushärtung
• Specific sewer rehabilitation

  • Short-Liner technology
  • Quicklock-socket rehabilitation
  • Robotic techniques


These ways of rehabilitation are recommended to remove damages in a single segment when punctual repairs are more economical. They are performed with Part-Liner, manchette or robotic techniques.

Vorbereitung für die KurzlinersanierungHarzmischungTränkphase des KurzlinersAufbringen des Kurzliners auf den PackerAufbringen des Kurzliners auf den Packer
• Robotic technique

Braumann rehabilitation robots have a hydraulic drive and they are equipped with a wide range of milling-, grinding-, cutting-, drilling- and filling-tools.

Surveying- and control is handled at the robot  itself, all actions are recorded and documented.


  • Milling of nozzles and other obstacles
  • Removal of consolidated depositions
  • Assistance of line rehabilitations, pipe calibration
  • Pointed milling of inlets
  • Rehabiliation of cracks and other damages
  • Pressing of nozzles
FräsroboteranlageFräsroboter im EinsatzFräsroboter im EinsatzSpachteleinheit
• Building- and shaft-rehabilitation

Sewer rehabilitation is not completed until the shaft are also renovated.

 Braumann renovates shaft constructions of any dimension and desig (control-shafts, pumping stations, stormwater basins, etc.)


  • Sealing off ground water (injection packer)
  • Floor coverings
  • Coating with water resistant mortar
  • Professional renewal of channel and berm, replacement of damaged stirrups


SchachtbeschichtungFertig sanierter Schacht
• Free travel for snowploughs and cleaning vehicles

Manhole lowering and manhole elevation by Braumann

Braumann offers a reliable and cost-efficient solution to lower or elevate manholes that do not match with the road surface.



• Sewer maintenance

Sewer maintenance is a matter of trust

Sewer maintenance by Braumann offers you peace of mind along your entire to-do-list.

In any given case you can be confident that Braumann takes care of this crucial and demanding task completely and thoroughly. You can appreciate the full program or pick out the particular services you need.  



Support of periodic inspection and documentary:




  • Monthly building inspection according to ÖWAV rule sheet 22
  • Yearly cleaning of sewers and building
  • Yearly shaft inspection and visual check according to ÖWAV rule sheet 22
  • Yearly maintenance plan
  • Development of a comprehensive network rehabilitation concept




Inspection of any given local sewer damages causing short-term or instant need for action.



  • Repair of existent shafts
  • Elevation or lowering of existent manholes


Braumann is your over-all service-partner in sewer rehabilitation!